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Laura Christine Hess

Laura Hess’s Legal Guides

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  • 3 Easy Steps to Manage Products Liability

    Step 1: Designate the person who will be the “face of the company” in a crisis. One person should be designated as the face of the company for all purposes in handling a products claim, even before a

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  • How to Keep Ex-Employees From Stealing Your Customers

    Does Your Customer List Qualify as a Trade Secret? A customer list may be considered a “trade secret” where 1) the identity of the customers itself has economic value, and 2) you made reasonable effo

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  • Employees v. Independent Contractors

    The employer controls when the person reports to work If the employer sets the person's work hours, the court will likely find the worker should be a W-2 employee. The employer controls how long the

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  • Sales Terms and Conditions

    Limit liability if there is a quality problem. For instance, exclude liability for consequential damages, lost profits, or punitive damages. You may want to limit the buyer's remedies to obtaining r

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  • Can I Get Out Of My Lease?

    Ask your landlord if he has a smaller unit available that he can rent to you. Make sure to document your request in writing. This way, if your landlord ever sues you for rent owed on the remainder of

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