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Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones’s Legal Guides

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  • Choose Your Mediator Carefully

    Not all Mediators are the same. Even though a Mediator hangs out a shingle and calls himself a Mediator, this person may or may not have any legal background. This person may not have had any Mediation training. And this Mediator may have no knowledge of how the Courts handle cer...

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  • Choose Your Process Before You File

    There three processes available from which to choose that reach the same result, the Dissolution of Marriage and the Division of the the Community. The difference is cost and damage to the family. MEDIATION - a confidential process facilitated by a neutral familylaw attorney pla...

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  • Is Mediation Right for Me?

    Mediation is a completely confidential process that allows the Parties to reach whatever agreement works for their family as long as each agreement is knowing and voluntary. The Mediator's job is to inform the parties of their rights and the Law and help the Parties reach a mutua...

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  • Should Children Be Allowed to Testify in Court?

    Beginning in 2012, children the age of 14 and older shall be given the right to address the Court regarding their custody and parenting plan preferences. Is this a good idea? Historically children were not allowed to testify directly in court in Orange County, California. The Cou...

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