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Celebrity Stalking - Rossi v. Photoglou

Case Conclusion Date: 10.24.2012

Practice Area: Entertainment

Outcome: $523,250 Award & Punitives

Description: B&C client Actress Gretchen Rossi prevailed in her 3½-year legal battle with Jay Photoglou. An Orange County jury awarded Rossi $523,250 on her stalking, intentional infliction of emotional distress, interference with contract and assault lawsuit. The jury also found against Jay Photoglou on all of his claims against Ms. Rossi, including his defamation claims. The jury also found Photoglou liable for “malice, oppression, and fraud,” and assessed rare “punitive damages” to punish him for his intentional conduct designed to harm Rossi. During the punitive damage phase of the trial, which is designed to determine the wrongdoers net worth (to determine amount of punitive damages), Photoglou’s June 28, 2012 Bankruptcy Filing took center stage, according to the transcripts. Notable was the $334,000 owed to the IRS and other Governmental Entities. The total debts listed in the Bankruptcy filings (used to limit the amount of punitive damages) amounted to $902,299.80, according to the trial exhibit. The total assets listed were $25,256. Of note is the fact that Photoglou claimed he had $23,250 of photos of Rossi (this amount listed as exempt from creditors and also the amount the jury found in punitive damages against Photoglou, according to the jury verdict). On the stand, Photoglou claimed he had nothing, according to trial transcripts. His homes, boat, vehicles were all gone, according to his testimony.

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