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Breach of Contract - More than 100% recovered on client's behalf

Case Conclusion Date: 07.26.2012

Practice Area: Business

Outcome: Six-Figure Award. 100% of the amount, plus interest, and all attorneys fees and costs

Description: Trial lawyer, Gregory G. Brown, recently obtained a $514,000 award in a business litigation matter involving a multi-state Construction Co. The case involved a breach of contract claim by the Brown & Charbonneau, LLP client, who was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Defendant asserted the he was an owner in the company and, based upon an oral agreement, the money owed should have been offset by ownership distributions over a two-year period. The defendant also claimed that he should have 50% of the corporation's stock delivered to him. These arguments failed and the client obtained 100% of the amount, plus interest and all attorneys fees and costs! This case was one of a few cases being litigated in California and Louisiana by the parties.

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