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Christine Greer’s reviews

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  • Be Warned: If you want a(n) attorney who is unorganized, untrustworthy, and ruin your case. Call Mrs. Greer!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Avelardo Malvido

    First consulted with Greer Law office in April was quoted a lump sum that would cover most if not all fees regarding my divorce (This is when i made my initial payment). Between April - June i was only contacted once ,two days before my court hearing. (This is when she actually spent some time requesting substitution of Attorney and Submitted an incomplete FL-150 form). I Called law offices 2-3 times during (she screens her calls and never responded) April - June awaiting instruction regarding court hearing. I was told I would receive an email from paralegal that would instruct me to sign retainer. (Never happened).
    On the day of hearing she arrives late (she did notify the courts) although we where supposed to spend that early morning reviewing the case. When the courts finally called my case the first words out of her mouth was, "I don't have all the facts present as I just retained the services of Mr. "Doe", two days ago". Which is a lie because I have a(n) American Express payment made to her office in April 2014.
    Mrs. Greer was unprepared, unorganized, her suit attire was unprofessional and I was very frustrated with her overall.

    She really damaged my case and hurt my credibility with the courts.

    I can go on and on with this.

    Be warned stay away

  • Made horrible experience 10 times WORSE

    1.0 star

    Posted by Stacey

    She seemed so strong and straightforward when I first met with her. I thought she would really fight for me. When we met with Ex's attorney to settle on money and they offered $80k less than she told me I should get, she turned to me (in front of them) and said I should just take it. I should consider it a loss, like a fire destroyed my things, and move on. After she totally bungled my custody case (and charged extra for it) I couldn't believe she was so unsupportive with the financial side. My anger and hurt at feeling by her at such a horrible time in my life kept me awake for years afterward.

  • Do not use her!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Absolutly horrible service. She will take your money and put on a front like she gets things handeled quickly without issues. Once you pay her the thousands up front be ready for no communication and an entire year worth of frustration that should have been done in 6 months. Very sad there are people like her out there. She never answers her calls nor returns calls. Once you finally leave her enough messages she calls back with excuses as to why paperwork hasn't been done and is very short and does not answer or give advice to her process and steps needed to complete everything in a timely manner. Divorce is emotionally hard to go through in its own, but Mrs. Greer made this process unbearable.

  • Very freshman. Violates State and local rules of Court.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Rita

    I hired this lawyer to go into small claims and defend me, and she did. I can't believe this attorney has so little knowledge in her profession that she would violate California State and local rules of court. She even had ex parte communication with the Judge before the case. I never showed for the hearing because she said I didn't need to. She said she would handle it because she knew the Judge personally. She had my case dismissed, well for a little while at least.