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Peter Marc Schaeffer

About Peter Schaeffer

About me

I was born in Brooklyn New York but moved to a small town on Long Island about 30 minutes from Manhattan, called Rockville Centre. I began my college career at New York Institute of Technology majoring in Banking and Finance. I transfered to Columbia University and majored in Pharmacy Science and later moved to California and obtained my Doctorate at USC School of Pharmacy.


After graduation from USC I obtained a real estate salesman license and eventually my broker's license which I used to open a real estate office and joint ventured with builders and became a small developer.


I took classes at the Gemological Institute of America and became proficent in determining the value of diamonds and other precious stones. There was a period of time in the early 80's when interest rates went through the roof and buyers could not qualify for mortgages due to the high interest rates, therefore bartering and negotiating skills became essential and many people wanted to use precious gems in lieu of cash or other equity to make tax free exchanges and other real estate deals.


I graduated from law school with a BS in Law in 1983, and a Juris Doctorate (JD) in 1985.  At that time I was heavily involved in the Automobilie Sales industry and owned 2 dealerships.  My legal skills were honed in the business and employment law areas of practice due to the nature of the businesses I was operating.


After becoming a member of the Bar I started my own practice as a Solo and focused mainly on Employment Law and Personal Injury representing plaintiffs and Injured workers ONLY.


As the years went by Workers Compensation law became my passion as it nearly consumed my entire practice and compelled me to become very knowledgeable in this area.


I have 2 wonderful children whom I am extremely proud of.  My Daughter Stefani Lynn Schaeffer graduated from Southwestern Law School and appeared  on the famous T.V. reality show the Apprentice hosted by Donald Trump, which she won and became Mr. Trump's Apprentice.  


My son Michael has a passion for the Music and entertainment industry and became a sound engineer working for the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada.  He on the road now constantly as tour manager for a famous recording artist.


My leisure time activites include Snow Skiing, Golf, Tennis, and Bicycle riding.  Living in Southern California is the greatest place on earth for the great weather and diversity of opportunity to enjoy all the sports you want ...all year long.

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