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People v a DUI Client

Case Conclusion Date: 03.23.2011

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Charged with DUI, Case resolved for Reckless Driving, original DUI charges dismissed.

Description: Client was stopped after midnight in Riverside County for supposedly making a left hand turn on a "red arrow" and was not in the left hand turn lane when making left turn. Client allegedly failed field sobreiety tests; Client then blew twice into Preliminary Breath Test device - results were .122 and .104. Client then agreed to take a blood test - result: .11 % BAC. Client was charged with DUI and Driving with Blood Alcohol Concentration of .08% or more. Client originally hired another claimed DUI lawyer and was eventually told she would have to plead guilty to DUI charges. Client released original attorney and retained attorney Manuel Barba... after analysis of the evidence, attorney Barba set the case for trial. Case then settled: Client plead guilty to VC23103 - Reckless Driving (Dry Reckless) and DUI charges were dismissed. Attorney Manuel Barba has represented many clients after the client originally hired a claimed "DUI attorney" who was ineffective. The facts in every DUI case differ and the results achieved in this particular case may not be the same in another case with a smilar blood alcohol level.

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