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Richard Bennett Bracken

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  • Immigration reform

    I am living here in the country for abt five years now been living with my sister she is a legal resident but im not...i enter the country legal on my vistors visa but its expired...i came in 2008 of december...i want to know im a qualify for the ...

    Richard’s Answer

    The bill you are referring to is not yet the law and can change dramatically. For this reason it's too early to effectively speculate. You do have reason to hope because December 2011 does appear to be a cut-off date that congress is currently considering. Your 2008 entry gives you good reason to hope. Nevertheless, be careful of anyone claiming to be able to qualify you under the current reform efforts because they can't. Be patient.

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    Hi, Me and my wife had applied for removal of conditions on my green card. They have requested now for more evidence and one of the evidence they want is the 2012 tax returns which i do hve. But there is a small confusion in my wifes last...

    Richard’s Answer

    This shouldn't be a problem as your marriage certificate that they have on record will clearly indicate both her maiden name and married name. They know that upon marrying you she has the option to use either name. (Nevertheless, she should be consistent and stick with whichever one she prefers, in the future). You can include a letter explaining the issue but I don't think it's necessary. Also, if CIS is asking for 2012 taxes they are probably just wanting to see documents evidencing your joint relationship for that year. If you were my client I would have you throw in additional 2011 and 2012 joint documentation in addition to the taxes for good measure.

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