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People vs. Stanley M. Keach

Case Conclusion Date: 08.08.2000

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty verdict

Description: This is one of the cases that's mentioned in Mr. Sullivan's Legal Guide entitled "Why Suspects Should Never Talk When Arrested." Mr. Keach called an escort service for some female company. A girl came to his room and they engaged in consentual sex for money. But a dispute arose about the amount he should pay, so the girl decided to get back at him and reported that she had been raped. She said that she had been there only to strip, but Mr. Keach got carried away and raped her. The police were skeptical of her story for obvious reasons (Surprise - escorts do engage in sex for money). So to get his version, the police went unannounced to Keach's hotel room. They woke him up, and asked him if he had called an escort service. Keach (not his real name) was married and was overcome by fear and guilt, panicked and lied to the police. He denied having called anyone. This, of course, was easily disproved with physical evidence and phone records. Mr. Keach had thoroughly destroyed his credibility. The jury did acquit him, but had he taken the 5th, the DA probably wouldn't have even filed the case.

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