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People vs. Michael D Rath

Case Conclusion Date: 03.27.2001

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not guilty

Description: This was a relatively famous case involing a male nurse who was accused of sexually assaulting patients and young female employees of the local hospital where he had been employed. At the time of his arrest, there were six complaints by individuals who had been at the facility who claimed that the defendant had been engaging in conduct ranging from simple indecent exposure (flashing) to aggravated assaults on their person. But it turned out that the defendant had been the victim of some unreliable eyewitness identification, and that the victims had falsely identified him as the perpetraor instead of another employee who looked similar to the defendant. Once one victim had picked him out of a lineup, word had spread around the hospital as to the identity of the suspect, who had committed these crimes in the dark for the most part. Then, all of them claimed that it was Michael. Fortunately, howver, the defense was able to present the actual offender in court and many, although, not all, of the victims changed their testimony and picked out the correct perpertaror. The jury deliberated more than a full day after a two-week long trial, and acquitted the defendant

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