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People vs. Rudy T Jonas

Case Conclusion Date: 07.02.2003

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not guilty verdict

Description: This was a case charging the defendant and his brother with having beaten a man into submission with a baseball bat. The case turned on the fact that the alleged victim had been abusing his girlfriend, who turned out to be the sister of the defendant. On many occasions, she had gone to her brother and told him of her boyfriend's abuse, but would then quickly change her attitude and prevent her brother from giving the man exactly what he deserved. On the occasion in question, the defendant had seen his sister being held by her boyfriend in a headlock, although upon seeing her brother, he quickly let her go. This time, the defendant had seen enough, Acting a defense of his sister, he grabbed a baseball bat and beat the man to withi an inch of his life. The prosecutor charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. The jury deliberated for two hoyrs after a week long trial, and found the defendant not guilty as charged. case dismissed.

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