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Mark Joseph Sullivan

Mark Sullivan’s Legal Guides

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  • Why Suspects Should Never Talk When Arrested

    What if the Police Haven't Read You Your Miranda Rights? Call You Still Take the 5th? It doesn't matter. Police sometimes purposely don't read you your rights, for strategic reasons. If they don't,

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  • What to Expect if Sentenced to Jail or Prison

    County Jail Sentences Many defendants who are sentenced to county jail are given the opportunity to do their time on weekends. It's a good opportunity if you have a good job that you're going to los

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  • Proper Behavior in Court, A Defendant's Guide

    Be Punctual Make sure that you never arrive late for court. Judges tolerate attorneys who arrive late for court, knowing that many hearings are held at the same time in different courtrooms. But th

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  • Preparing for Your Testimony in Court

    Listen to the Question It may sound obvious, but one may be surprised at how often witnesses ignore this rule. When that happens, the judge has to remind the witness and it can be embarrassing. Wit

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