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Mark Joseph Sullivan

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  • How do I find out if a criminal complaint was filed and charges made against me?

    After a drunken fight with a friend that turned a bit physical, he went and filed a complaint against me. He said he retracted his statement, but how do I find out if he truly did and the case closed? I'm on informal probation and I'm afraid this ...

    Mark’s Answer

    Well, the good news for you is that criminal records for Los Angeles County Superior Court can be found online at All you need to do is go to the website every morning and look up your name and date of birth. This will show you if a criminal complaint has been filed against you or if there's a warrant for your arrest.

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  • I would like to know how much time is a person looking at if they have assult w/a deadly weapon, felon in possession of firegun?

    And if it is federal time or state time, what is the lowest time i person can get??

    Mark’s Answer

    The short answer to your question is you are facing a low term of two years, middle term of three years, and an upper term of four years in state prison. You could also get probation if you qualify, and could spend as much a one year in county jail as a term of your probation. Generally, the the felon in possession charge deals with the same incident as the assault, you would not be facing more than an additional eight months in state prison for that offense, and more likely would get concurrent time on that charge, meaning that you would serve the eight months at the same time as the state prison sentence that you were given for the assault. Look up california penal Code sections 245(a)(2) and 12021(a)(1).

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  • Seeking criminal defense attorney in ceres, CA area that takes pro bono cases

    Does anyone know of a criminal defense attorney that ever takes pro bono cases?

    Mark’s Answer

    Many do, including the lawyers at my firm. But you must remember that every defendant in a criminal case has the right to a lawyer free of charge as long as they cannot afford one. usually, this is the public defender, who is a full fledged attorney, who hs one to law school and passed the bar exam just as every other lawyer in the courtroom has. The quality of representation of public defenders varies every bit as much as the quality of representation by private practitioners. The problem is that it's hit or miss with public defenders, because you may get a different one each time you appear in court on the same case.

    But one must remember that lawyers who do pro bono work still have to make a living, and must earn enough from their paying clientsto be able to afford the luxury of representing someone for nothing, just because they have a unique case or they have been victimized by other lawyers.

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  • How do I get my record Expunged

    I had theft felony charges which were ammended in Jan. and my Probation will not be over until Jul. when/how do I get my record expunged? And what exactly does this mean?

    Mark’s Answer

    Pretty easily. If your conviction was in California, you should probably (but not necessarily) hire a lawyer for the procedure.

    What you want is to file a petition under Penal Code section 1203.4 as soon as your probation ends. If you have a good record on probation, they might agree to terminate your probation immediately. In the petition, you must show that the crime of which you were convicted is a "wobbler "(chargable as either a felony or a misdemeanor), that you have completed probation without having been sent to state prison, and that you currently have no other criminal charges pending. Then you ask the court to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor, then ask that you be permitted to withdraw your guilty plea and enter a new, not guilty plea. Then, the court dismisses the charges under PC §1203.4.

    Although this result does not relieve you of all of the penalties and disabilities which you incurred as a result of your felony convicton, your convition will be expunged and prospective employers will not see any conviction - neither felony nor misdemeanor. If you were to retain a lawyer for this, you should expect to pay somewhere between $350 and $750, plus a $60.00 filing fee.

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