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Thurman Wesley Arnold III

About Thurman Arnold

About me

A native of Palm Springs, Attorney Thurman W. Arnold has been providing family law services to the residents of his home city for 32 years. He began his post-secondary education at Reed College of Portland, OR, back in 1974, earning a Certificate of Excellence for his achievements there. He went on to attend UC Santa Barbara, where he earned his B.A. with honors. After receiving his J.D. from Lewis and Clark School, and serving as a member of its nationally recognized Environmental Law Review, he was admitted to the California bar in 1982.


He joined his father and began practicing civil law in Palm Springs, but soon recognized his passion and talent for helping people get through the emotional and financial strains of intra-family disputes. To better assist his clients in this pursuit, he became a Certified Family Law Specialist, which has given him extensive knowledge on the subject of family law. He is also a California Superlawyer and Martindale AV rated. He is honored to serve those with family law cases such as complex property division, spousal support, marital agreements, child support, parental rights, the division of family businesses, and related topics.


As a fifth generation attorney whose grandfather was appointed Assistant Attorney General of the United States by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Attorney Arnold strives to uphold the legacy that a long line of men before him had begun. He is dedicated to ethical and tough representation, yet he incorporates Zen mindfulness techniques in helping his clients to manage divorce reactivity. He believes that those who apsire to peacemaking or who hire peacemaking attorneys with huge experience end up with much better outcomes, and less financial and emotional burdens, even if portions or all of their cases must be litigated.


Mr. Arnold is an avid writer, providing much free legal assistance and helpful information on his website and The Enlightened Divorce Blog™. His goal is to help people make informed decisions about their family law matters, no matter if they are his clients or visitors to his Divorce Blog (which now receives almost 1 million page reads each year). To judge for yourself, visit his website or make an appointment with his firm to take advantage of a free initial consultation! We invite you Google his name and reputation, and to visit the Testimonials page of our website,!

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