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Timothy Bryan Liebaert

About Timothy Liebaert

About me

We have represented large companies and individuals as well.  We strive to be aggressive while managing litigation costs.  Further, we believe that our clients should understand the legal process at every step.  For this reason, we are very easy to contact and to speak with.  Unlike some attorneys, we do not charge you for "every moment" we talk with you or think about your case.  We bill honestly and fairly and comport with the highest legal ethics.


As a Licensed Private Investigator, I understand what is functionally required to gather evidence to enable us to present the strongest case that is possible. 



Practice Areas: Construction Law; Business Law; Business Enterprises; Business Litigation; Collections; Debtor and Creditor; Health Law; Contracts; Civil Appeals; Civil Litigation; Criminal Law; Federal Civil Practice; Business Torts; Consumer Law; Breach of Contract; Personal Injury; Real Estate; Environmental Law.

1995, California Supreme Court, Texas Supreme Court, U.S. District Court, Central, Eastern and Southern Districts of California; U.S. Tax Court and U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.

Army Navy Academy, New Mexico Military Institute (A.A.), Loyola University (B.A.) Western State University, J.D., 1994; Tulane University, LL.M., Energy/Environmental Law, 1997.

Wallin & Klarich, Monroe & Lemann (New Orleans), Taggart, Morton, Ogden, Staub, Rogelout & OBrien (New Orleans), Borton, Petrini & Conron, City of Riverside, California (Deputy City Attorney). Robinson & Liebaert, LLP. Former Reserve Deputy Civil Sh
State Bar of California; State Bar of Texas; American Bar

Articles: The Death of the Unruh Civil Rights Act and Argument for Liberalizing the Act. (West. State Law. Rev. Vol 21, 2001.) How to Use Aerial Photographs in Environmental Litigation, Environmental Law Quarterly Report, (ELQR Spring, 1999.) Back-filling your Farm can land you in Jail. (Id.) The Unbelievable Broad Definition of “Pesticide.” The Unexpected High Cost of the Kyoto Protocol. California Passes on a chance to alleviate the Nuclear Waste Dilemma.

The Fleecing of Electricity Ratepayers. (ELQR: Winter, 1998). A Primer on Native American Archaeological Values. The Vanishing Distinction between Negligent and Intentional Environmental Crimes. EPA’s Second Hand Smoke Study Invalidated by court Because of flawed science.

The California Endangered Species Compromise; the effort to protect bio-diversity. (ELQR, Spring 1998.) Corporate Officer and Direct Liability as “operators” for environmental harm. Preventing environmental catastrophe in your own back yard. Jail time may result even though the defendant prevented an environmental catastrophe. Major Oil Companies liability expanded when they have Authority to Control.

Brown filed Developments (ELQR Winter 2000.) Beware of Sick Building Syndrome, If you are looking for a Tax Deduction, Consider the Creation of a Conversation Easement. How to Sting Not Stung by Unfair Competition. ELQR. The Damocles Sword of Nuclear Waste.

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