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John Jimenez

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  • Is there a warrent for my arrest, and can I clear it and continue a rehab/diversion/etc like program while out of state?

    Arrested in Riverside county with a small amount of a controlled substance. My only charge was possession of a controled substance, no selling or transporting or anything. Sentanced to PC1000 diversion. My father then passed away, the class ins...

    John’s Answer

    You cannot do it from your current home state if the matter was a FELONY. You must personally appear in court to have a bench warrant recalled. An attorney can only answer all of your specific questions if the attorney is able to look at the records in your case. I can do that with your case number and date of birth. You may call me if you would like to discuss this further.

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  • Can I get multiple felony drug possession charges reduced to misdemeaners all at the same time and then expunged ?

    dates of arrest, 12-97, 1-98, 8-98, 2-02. first case- ror. second case- county third case- county for a week plus 10 months work release. fourth case- drug diversion, completed. probation on all cases completed. all fines and fe...

    John’s Answer

    Yes, you can have all of these cases dismissed at one time.

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  • Robbery 2001, (no prior record) 2 strikes for robbery of store & kidnapping as he tied up employee. Any help to bring home?

    friend committed robbery 2001, (no prior record) he was given 2 strikes for robbery of store and kidnapping as he tied up employees was sentenced 15 years lawyer lied, pushed to not take 1st deal, never told him 1st deal could be taken off table l...

    John’s Answer

    Mr. Pullman's answer is exactly what I would advise. There is little that can be done now.

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