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Judith Michael Fouladi

Judith Fouladi’s Legal Guides

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  • Traffic School Eligibility

    Generally, a defendant who possesses a valid driver's license is eligible to attend traffic violator school for most traffic infractions. However, if the violator has attended traffic school within 18 months of the current violation, traffic school is not available. Nor is traffi...

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  • You've Been Cited for Contempt of Court for Violating a Court Order - Now What?

    If you're a party to an action, either criminal or civil, and are cited by a judge for contempt of court, the following is important to know: 1.) Is the contempt direct or indirect? Examples of direct contempt is where the alleged citee engages in objectionable conduct or behavio...

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  • You've Been Cited for Speeding - How Must it Be Proved in Court?

    The vast majority of traffic infractions are for speeding. If you've been cited for speeding where the arresting officer used a radar gun or LIDAR devise to determine your speed, the officer must establish the following in court: 1.) If radar was used, the arresting officer must ...

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  • What Happens When You Fail to Appear for a Traffic Ticket?

    Any willful violation of a written promise to appear in court (or of a lawfully granted continuance by a judicial officer), is a misdemeanor, even if the original charge was an infraction (which is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, plus the penalty assessment). The local pros...

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  • Vehicle Code Violations As Misdemeanor Offenses in California

    Fleeing from a police officer. Cal. Vehicle Code sections 2800.1 and 40000.7 (a)(3) allow for a fine of up to $1.000 and up to 1 year in county jail. The Court may also suspend the defendant's drive

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  • Just Whose Stuff Is It, Anyway?

    Police Officer stops a vehicle with three occupants inside and finds cocaine. Who gets charged? Answer: It depends. "Possession", as defined in California, may be actual or constructive. Actual possession is where an object is within an arrestee's immediate possession or control....

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  • The 'Expungement' Fallacy

    Keep A Record of Your Conviction After pleading guilty to an offense (or having been convicted following trial), keep a record of the case number and charges, as well as the location of the courthous

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  • Simple Asset Protection Planning for the Small Business Owner

    Incorporate Determine what type of business entity is appropriate for your business. Whether an LLC, a limited partnership or simple incorporation, by setting up a business entity separate from your

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