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Brigid Cay Dade Campo

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  • My ex husband has not paid child support in months. He claims he has no money because he's not working, but he has a good amount

    of savings put away. He received a really large lump sum tax return. There is no new support order either, so he is basically in contempt. The judge does not seem to care and has not enforced the support order in court, has not requested that he ...

    Brigid’s Answer

    It would likely be helpful for you to contact the local office of the Department of Child Support Services because they can assist with enforcing child support orders. You can find out more about their services online here:

    Also, because you stated that you are not able to hire an attorney for this matter, you may want to seek assistance from your county's Family Law Facilitator so they can try to guide you; although you would still be representing yourself. If you are in Contra Costa County, then you should check here for information on such services provided through the local court:

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  • If I have a baby and the father's last name isn't include in the birth certificate, what's the process in CA to change it later?

    I'm pregnant but not married and I'm unsure of having my boyfriend's last name on the birth certificate at the moment of birth... If I used only my last name maybe later we can change it. I'd like to know how will be the process and the fees. Than...

    Brigid’s Answer

    I believe that Ms. Roberts-Ross has answered your question well, however I just wanted to be sure that your question pertained only as to including your boyfriend's last name as part of your baby's name, and not also regarding listing your boyfriend on the birth certificate as the father.

    If you are having questions about listing your boyfriend as the father on the birth certificate, that raises a variety of other issues and could have many consequences going forward - which you would want to discuss with an attorney. If you are not married to the baby's father when the baby is born, in order to have his name listed on the birth certificate as the father, you will both have to complete a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity - which can even be done at the hospital. You can find out a bit more about this process here: and/or by contacting an attorney for additional information.

    However, if you were simply asking about your child's name, then the answer from Ms. Roberts-Ross should be more than sufficient.

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