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Joshua Charles Anaya

About Joshua Anaya

About me

Josh Anaya is a California Auto Fraud Attorney who has dedicated his legal practice fighting for consumers against car dealer abuses. Car purchasers need an attorney who understands their desire to have a good car that gets them to work, school, and keep their families safe. Consumers need an attorney who can help them get out of a bad car that leaves them stranded. Josh understands these needs and represents his clients in all aspects of auto fraud litigation, including handling initial client interviews, developing case strategies for trial, and drafting appeals.

Josh has represented consumers against dealers small and large with issues ranging from selling accident-damaged vehicles as “certified” to grossly overcharging governmental fees. In Josh’s experience, auto fraud can occur at a large dealership selling an expensive vehicle just as readily as it can occur at a small dealership selling an inexpensive vehicle. 

In addition to representing consumers, Josh also prides himself in training other like-minded attorneys to help consumer advocates. Josh has trained Marine Legal Services attorneys as well as Navy Judge Advocate Generals to protect military service members from auto fraud. Josh also presented at the 2014 National Association of Consumer Advocates Auto Fraud Conference.

Josh received a scholarship to attend California Western School of Law, where he received his law degree in 2009. As a law student, Josh received the prestigious Professor Janeen Kerper Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Criminal Defense Advocacy, as well as the Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services. As an undergraduate, Josh represented the University of Hawaii’s swim team as a scholar-athlete and graduated as a member of the Dean’s List.