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Wilschke vs. Doe Nursing Home Defendants

Case Conclusion Date: 06.21.2007

Practice Area: Nursing home abuse and neglect

Outcome: $1,700,000.00

Description: Elder Neglect/Wrongful Death - An 85-year-old woman passed away due to complications following an attempted below the knee amputation surgery that was necessitated because she had developed severe bilateral heel wounds (pressure ulcers/bed sores) while admitted as a patient in a Southern California based skilled nursing facility where she had been sent to receive short term rehabilitation therapies following hip surgery. Due to an alleged lack of care on the part of her medical care providers as well as inaction by her health management organization, she had developed bilateral heel wounds which progressed to become extreme necrotic Stage IV wounds, the left heel becoming severely infected. After becoming septic, a below the knee amputation of her left leg was performed in attempt to save her life. Unfortunately, she suffered complications and died. Following almost two years of extensive litigation against defendants responsible for the patient's medical care, Berman & Riedel, LLP, was able to obtain collective settlement on behalf of decedent's surviving family for just over $1,700,000.00.

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