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Paul Jimenez Ryan

Paul Ryan’s Legal Guides

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  • Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support In California

    In determining child custody and visitation, California courts emphasize the"best interests of the child" and give priority to a wide range of factors before granting custody to a particular parent. Attention to the following pre-judgment factors determines who receives child cus...

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  • Deployment & Visitation for Family Members: CA Family Code Section 3047

    California Family Code Section 3047 directly addresses the issue of deployment and how it affects custody and visitation orders that are already in place. The code states, in part, that, A party's absence, relocation, or failure to comply with custody and visitation orders shall ...

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  • Annulment of a Marriage: Dispelling Common Misconceptions

    Annulment of a marriage is an option available to married couples that exists as a legal procedure and acts as a process that essentially labels a marriage as void. The procedure allows for a marriage to be dissolved as if it never took place. It is important to note that an annu...

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  • California Spousal Support

    California Spousal Support The California Family Code determines the nuances and specific circumstances in which spousal support will play a role in divorce proceedings. Factors such as the duration of the marriage and the standard of living during the length of the marital unio...

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