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John Russell Sorensen

About John Sorensen

About me

While I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I moved to San Diego when I was in elementary school.  I went back to Minnesota for college and upon graduation I returned to San Diego.  At that time, this United States was involved in the Viet Nam War and I joined the Green Berets where I served on active and reserve duty for a period of six years.  While on reserve status I joined in a real estate brokerage to help pay for my future education.   I eventually ended up owning the brokerage and serving as the President of the Realtor's Association.  During this time, I also was married, had two sons and attended night school to obtain both a Juris Doctor degree as well as a Masters in Business Administration.

In 1983, there was a law firm who wanted to hire me and my best salesman want to buy the real estate company so I took the opportunity and entered the field of law.  Because of my background, most of my cases, initially, were litigating real estate and business disputes but as my client's needs expanded, we expanded to meet them handling personal injury and medical mal practice and employment law suits.

I enjoy the practice of law and strive hard to make sure my clients have the best representation.