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Alexander Paul Zarcone

Alexander Zarcone’s Legal Guides

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  • Strategy To Turn Around Your Bad Credit Rating

    Didyou know you can successfullyturn even currentbad debts intoapositivecredit rating?Yourgoalistoapproachthese creditorsand negotiaterepaymentplans that sincerely demonstrateyour ability tomake regularpaymentsontime, pay off the debts you owe, and revive their interestin you a...

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  • Overview of Wage Garnishment in California

    Overview Garnishment in California is a practice creditors can use to recover amounts owed from debtors who do not pay of their own accord. For example, wage garnishment is when a creditor collects p

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  • Common Bankruptcy Questions

    Common Bankruptcy Questions One should consider filing for bankruptcy after determining that bankruptcy is the most beneficial way to deal with your financial problems. This information cannot explain every aspect of the bankruptcy process. If you still have questions after revie...

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