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Surfing Madonna: The "Save the Ocean" Mosaic

Case Conclusion Date: 01.25.2012

Practice Area: Government

Outcome: Approval of Mosaic by City of Encinitas

Description: Christian Platt represents Mark Patterson, creator of the "Save The Ocean" mosaic, otherwise known as the “Surfing Madonna,” on a pro bono basis in connection with his proposal to present the nationally recognized mosaic as a gift to the City of Encinitas, CA under a long-term loan agreement. The piece, originally labeled as graffiti, precipitated Patterson’s facing fines, the threat of jail, and the possible destruction of the mosaic. Christian Platt’s pro bono work led to the Encinitas City Council agreeing to accept the mosaic for display at the entrance to Moonlight Beach. Currently, the California State Parks Agency is considering the proposed location for its relocation: Moonlight Beach. Paul Hastings’ representation of Patterson and a related non-profit organization includes general corporate matters, including the licensing of intellectual property rights relating to the mosaic to various vendors wanting to support the cause.

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