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Carolyn Kirner’s reviews

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  • does the right thing in tough situations!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    The negative reviews on this site are obvously written by either 'the other side' or from people who are already in bad situations and need to have supervised visitation for their kids. So read those reviews through the lens of whether you would want an attorney that has integrity and looks out for the best interest of those she is representing (in the supervised vistitation cases.. it is the children)
    Carolyn has been representing me in a tough divorce and custody situation and I can honestly say has done an AMAZING job always being completely lprepared, professional and with integrity!
    Although at times it might seem like the easier thing to do is to lie or maniuplate the truth... Carolyn constantly remains above reproach and is well respected by the judge and other attorneys because of this!
    My case has been going on for a few years and it is frustraing to see the least to constantly be defending myself against my ex husband and his attorneys. But Carolyn has reamined faithful throughout this journey!
    I recommend Carolyn Kirner to anyone who is looking for a fair, loyal and compassionate attorney that has the track record of representing her clients to her best ability.

  • Skilled Troublemaker: Don't use her services, especially if you're poor or a minority.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Marty

    I should've done this a year ago before she assisted in building a case against me. I pray that this report falls on righteous ears for the sake of my three children and I. I don't know what I'm caught up in, but do not use this person. She is totally unprofessional, a skilled liar, and has vindictively worked against me since day-one in the best interest of my wife (a county social worker and her father, Alan K. Rode), my wife's crooked lawyer (Nadine Sayegh) and the court judges... mainly Judge McKenzie who is in the process of being removed. When I tried to fire (not knowing of the exparte' process) Kirner in early-January of 2013 due to catching her in multiple lies regarding pre-payments being made for multiple visits already, she strangely remained quiet all month until a scheme was created a week before my first custody battle on February 6, 2013. During this time, I'd made contact with another monitor to replace her, but still was told of the exparte' process.

    Kirner strangely contacted me via text inviting me to her office to pick up and review the report she had written favoring my wife. Feeling uncomfortable from the only three hour visit I had with her as she sat behind her desk playing games on her smart-phone [and cowboy boots propped up on her desk], I told her to mail it and that I would never step foot in her office again - especially to retrieve some vindictive paperwork to secure her job and destroy my character as well as my relationship with my children.

    Carolyn or Carie is the same woman who told me during my intake session that she would destroy the original document that I had filled out while giving me a new document to fill out. She kept both documents: the original one without an address and the one with a physical address. She later presented the document without an address to the courts to confirm that she hadn't contacted me because she had no contact information on file for me when we spoke about the report she had vindictively written against me; but obviously took payments for while claiming that I wouldn't be able to see my children due to my wife and Sayegh both claiming that she couldn't afford to pay for visitation sessions. And by the way, my entire divorce case is being handled under a fraudulent domestic violence case. What DV case (D541069) do you know of is not handled in criminal court as a misdemeanor or felony? Because of my wife's social work experience, her family's unlimited access for funds, I have been placed in a divorce case that will possibly go down as one of the dirtiest ever in recorded history. Kirner has assisted in allegations that I'm bipolar or depressed to counter anything that I have to say against her and the courts. But a federal VA psych doctor says differently. Even one of the older courtroom sheriffs told me in quote, "This is a game. You have to learn the game."

  • Carolyn Kirner Family Law attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debi

    Carolyn is a family law attorney that is skilled in doing all she can to represent her clients with integrity. She listens closely to her clients and advises with compassion and clarity, always leaving the final decisions up to her client.
    She realizes that many aspects of her job can greatly affect the lives of not only her client but family as well, and she makes sure each client feels respected and prepared for the situation ahead of them.

  • Supervised Visitation

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Carolyn Kirner does supervised visitation on the side in addition to her practice as a lawyer. She has a contract in which I signed and the non-custodial parent signed. She failed to do her job professionally. She instead made herself available to the non-custodial parent as a friend, giving family law advice and went against the wishes of the custodial parent, and never once did she abide by her contract. Carolyn Kirner being an attorney, you would assume that she would know better than to violate her own contract. She even attempted to use an unsigned and unfiled "court order" in an attempt to remove my child from daycare with the non-custodial parent who did not have permission to do so. I do not recommend using Carolyn Kirner.