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Sara Neumann’s reviews

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  • Stepparent Adoption/Termination of Parental Rights-SUCCESS!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tanya

    When I came to Sara I had hired and consulted another lawyer to handle a paternity suit that was sprung on me while I was visiting the USA after residing in another country. This was very difficult, as I could not leave the country with my child and go home to my husband and my child's stepdad (whom she views as her dad). I was very scared because I had single-handedly raised my child and I knew no one else should have the right to keep me from traveling anywhere, as this person had not even contributed to my child's birth or upbringing in any significant way.
    But, that being said, the reality was such that I was being advised by my first lawyer that I should respond to the paternity suit with a move-away trial as I had barely missed dismissing the case with a jurisdictional claim.
    I felt something was off though, because this case was so clear and cut (my ex was not on the birth certificate, he had not emotionally or financially supported me/the child in any significant way).
    **I saw the light when I spoke to Sara. She confirmed my intuition with her expertise, immediately confirming that I indeed could file for a termination of parental rights. She lay my fears to rest. We met and I presented her with the facts of my case. After assuring me she would not take my case if she did not believe she could help me, I released my other lawyer from duty and hired her.
    What a great decision!! She lived up to her reassurances: it took perhaps longer than the move away trial, which was inconvenient only due to my particular case of being in a country we no longer reside in, away from my husband and our new life abroad, yet so worth it so that, a) my husband could adopt my son; and, b) to get the ex out of our hair so that he could no longer make our lives difficult.

    I had faced a lot of disempowering conversations amongst not only people, acquaintances, etc. but also lawyers: people discouraging me from doing the termination of parental rights just because it sounded "mean" and so "final" to them. I knew inside of me, however, that the way my ex was handling this was unhealthy and selfish towards my child, with a paternity suit (after I had tried SO many times to civilly settle for some kind of visitation, yet he disappeared whenever he wanted, was inconsistent, and really only looked after his own interests and not my son's, who needs consistency in his life) and not being agreeable to reaching some kind of settlement (other than keeping my child after he had NEVER had custody, ever, or even seen him more than a handful of times/hours in his years of life).
    The point is--Sara empowered me. She never once questioned me, she backed me up 100% and was a strong ally. She understand completely what I wanted, why I wanted it, has a child herself and understood my protective feelings toward my child, that I was 100% committed to her best interest.
    She did her job diligently. I knew I could count on her to show up at the court appearances, and made an uncomfortable situation even pleasant. She wrote the briefs in such a way that made complete sense to me. She has ample expertise on the topic of stepparent adoption and termination of parental rights. She knew a lot of the staff in the courts/ offices we were in, and they knew her. She was personable, kind, compassionate, prepared, in communication, easy to get a hold of. Her offices made it easy and pleasant to pick up/drop off documents.
    Also, when I told her that I was looking to get budget-oriented towards the middle of the whole legal situation, she was so cooperative and helpful with this.
    We won our case and just got word the appeal was dismissed as well.
    Cannot recommend her enough if you are in this sort of situation. She certainly seems like *THE* lawyer to hire in any kind of similar situation. I recommend her fully.

    Hired attorney
  • Look No Further... Sara is the one you need to help you.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Aldo

    Mrs. Neumann understood the most important aspect of my case. She demonstrated lots of compassion and treated me and family with the utmost respect you could not possibly imagine.

    All the times I have found Mrs. Neumann to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, and very courteous.

    Mrs.Neumann is helpful. She satisfied all my concerns and skilfully took control of all my case as if it were her case

    Thank you Sara for all your help. You gave me my life back.

    To anyone who is seeking a lawyer that cares...
    I'd contact Mrs.Sara Neumann she'll get the job done. Don't waist your time with anyone else.

    All the Best!