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Lynne Rogers Feldman

Lynne Feldman’s Legal Guides

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  • I am a U.S. Citizen but My Spouse is Illegal

    I am a US Citizen and my husband entered the U.S. illegally. How can I get him a green card (known as "permanent residency")? In some cases we can file in the U.S.; in others you must process at an overseas consulate; and in others you must not only process at an overseas consula...

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  • An Immigration Attorney's Guide to Options for Physical Therapists (part 3)

    (Continued from part 2) Credentialing Agencies The role of credentialing agencies is becoming increasingly vital to the health care immigration applicant. Knowing what evaluations and verifications the client needs is as important as knowing where to get them. For the physical t...

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  • Immigrant Options for Physical Therapists (part 2)

    IMMIGRANT OPTIONS This section focuses on the steps required for foreign-born applicants looking to use their education and training as a physical therapist as a path toward permanent residency in the United States. The immigrant visa option is primarily for applicants currently...

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  • Nonimmigrant Options for Physical Therapists

    INTRODUCTION Americans are more active than ever before, and physical activity often means injuries. As the American "Baby Boom" population reaches "Senior Citizen" status, more and more Americans are requiring physical therapy. At the same time, health care providers are faced w...

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