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Eric Maxwell Overholt

About Eric Overholt

About me

I fight aggresively for my clients while being compassionate for their needs.  I am a  Partner at Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP and I have been working in the areas of Workers' Compensation, Product Defect and Personal Injury for many years.  I have experience with all types of wage claims, accidents and product defects. 


Sometimes, these cases lend themselves to Class Actions.  I have been approved as Class Counsel on numerous class actions, both State and Federal.  I have also been named to the Executive Committee for Multi- District Litigation on a nationwide class action.


I also have a significant amount of experience in the Workers' Compensation arena, having represented hundreds of clients.  I have done multiple trials and I have won several Petitions for Reconsideration to obtain benefits for my clients.  In all, I have been a part of several cases that have meant as much as seven figures for severely injured clients.

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