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William Peter Daley

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  • Proposal to lower DUI/DWI limit to .05 across the United States, including California

    Article provided by San Diego California Criminal Defense Attorney - Law Office of William Daley A federal safety agency made waves recently when it recommended a lower blood alcohol threshold for drunk driving charges in the United States. The National Transportation Safety Boa...

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  • A Guide to California Assault and Battery Laws

    A California battery takes place when you willfully and unlawfully use force or violence upon another. You can be convicted of this offense even if you don't harm or injure the other person, as long as you make some type of unwanted physical contact. California Assault and Batte...

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    Commercial License DUI and DMV Administrative Suspensions Basically, California Vehicle Code section 23152(d) prohibits commercial license holders from driving with a blood alcohol level of .04% or higher. The commercial license holder faces a 1-year suspension of the commercial ...

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  • California Checkpoints - DUI and Driver's license checkpoints in California

    California DUI checkpoints are also commonly referred to as DUI / driver's license checkpoints, sobriety checkpoints, drunk driving sobriety checkpoints, and DUI roadblocks. Drivers stopped at checkpoints and found to be impaired are generally charged with Vehicle Code 23152a VC...

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