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Scott Marshall Grossman

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  • Spousal Property Petition

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janet

    My husband died with almost as many debts as he had assets. I wanted my kids to get something from their father's estate, and was at a loss of where to begin. After being railroaded and shanghaied by 2 other probate attorneys, both of who failed to mention that a spousal property petition was an option for me, I ran across Scott Grossman's Law Firm. I had my doubts that he too would be just another "ambulance chaser" attorney only interested in the money they would make on a probate case, even if I ended up with nothing.

    On our first consultation, he recommended I do some research, obtain a few necessary documents and get back with him in a week. I did what he suggested and our second consultation proved to be even better news than the first. After running some numbers, Scott felt that the spousal property petition was the better way to go for us.

    He was the only attorney (and there were several) I spoke with that wasn't interested in the money. He truly showed interest and concern in the possibilities of having something in my hand for my kids rather than taking my money and knowing we would end up with nothing. Not only did he encourage me to continue my fight with the debtors, but offered the assistance I needed to proceed with the initial filing on my own, with the understanding that he would be available when I needed his assistance further down the road.

    Truthfully, I was so impressed with his manner, knowledge, and willingness to help. They don't teach that in Law School!!!
    And they don't teach us (the general public) that dying without a trust, even if there is a will... it is an invitation to Probate 101. It's a scary and expensive ordeal to go through after having lost a loved one. The process is long and you can basically lose more than you ever gain. (I'm not trying to put Scott out of a job) But if by chance you find yourself in a situation where you need a probate attorney, I would recommended giving Scott Grossman a call. You will be glad you did.

    Thank you Scott for renewing my faith in attorney's.... (some attorney's)!!!!

    Consulted attorney
  • Grossman Law Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I worked with Attorney Scott Grossman and his firm for almost a year on a family probate matter. He was very knowledgeable, patient, and approachable with all my various questions and concerns. His staff are very efficient and caring. I had a favorable outcome in court. He and his staff were always easy to reach and he was very honest and upfront about fees, timelines, and possible outcomes. I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing assistance with probate matters.

  • Dual problem!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shaynon

    I lost my stepmother in San Diego county and my father passed away 6 months later in Riverside county out of heartbreak. Scott was able to help me in both cases, which was a huge benefit to not have to deal with 2 different lawyers plus directed me in the best approach in handling the dual probate situation that I had landed myself in due to neither having the proper will/trusts set-up before their passing. Scott was a huge help and made it very easy for me to be able to sit back and allow him to do what he knew best in his approach. I listened and everything worked out for the best. I would definitely recommend Scott to anyone that has any needs in the San Diego and Riverside county area. Thank you so much for all your help, Scott!

  • I know its what my grandparents would have wanted

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Norman

    After my father passed away, I knew it was my grandmother’s intention for me to share her estate with my uncle (her only surviving child) in my father’s absence.
    However, after my grandmother’s death, my uncle would only provide bits and pieces of information about the estate. Suspicious that my uncle was taking advantage of me, I decided to hire an attorney.
    Initially, I was reluctant and cautious before entering into a relationship with The Grossman Law Firm, having had a bad experience in the past with attorneys. However, after repeated telephone calls I felt comfortable moving forward. Scott really made me feel at ease as far as the whole legal process. He basically gave me the rundown on what my uncle was doing, and it was almost exact! He didn’t even know the guy and he already knew what was going on.
    Through Scott’s diligence and perseverance, it was discovered that my grandmother suffered from dementia and that a new trust was created and signed while under my Uncle’s care. The case was further complicated after an existing trust was discovered, exposing the fact that most of my grandmother’s assets were hidden, including a piece of Texas farmland and a 5-Plex, leading to two separate trust litigation cases and one probate case.
    Eventually the case went to mediation. Evidence of Norm’s grandmother’s medical condition was provided during mediation after the defense made an initial settlement offer that was very low. As a result I received nearly 10 times the amount than was initially offered.
    Scott’s persistence lead to us coming to an agreement. An agreement which could not have been a result without my counsel. I don’t think I could have done it with any other lawyer. It was a very difficult case, but he was always in control.
    During the nearly two-year long ordeal, I was impressed with how Scott handled my case, especially in light of the fact that I lived in Texas while the case was being litigated in California. Scott kept me informed at all times and whatever he told me he followed through with. There were no surprises. He was very forthcoming with my thoughts, but he always left it up to me to make the ultimate decision on what I wanted to do. We built mutual trust, which at first I did not have because of my leeriness with what happened in the past.
    Every time I called, I got right through to me no problem. He always knew what was going on in the case and where we were at, up to the same day. It was really kind of amazing, actually. I felt like I was my only client. Scott Grossman was very professional at all times. I would work with me again and anyone he would recommend for that matter.
    I know it’s what my grandparents would have wanted. That’s the most important aspect of it. They wanted me to have something. And by the grace of God, I got Scott Grossman as my attorney and it worked out perfectly for me in my matter. I would highly recommend The Grossman Law Firm to anyone else going through the same circumstances. Scott’s an honest attorney. That goes a long way with people.

  • Scott got me control and my attorney's fees

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jack

    A poorly drafted trust with an unusual stipulation nearly resulted in me losing my inheritance. My three sisters and I were appointed co-trustees of our parent’s trust, with the understanding that each sibling would receive equal shares of the trust upon their their deaths. However, after both parents passed away, my sisters relied on an unusual provision that appeared to allow for a majority rule for control of what happened inside the trust, thus shutting me out of every step of the process as a result. Upon recommendations from other attorneys, I contracted Scott Grossman for help.

    When my sisters projected an unrealistic sales price for our parent’s primary residence in a declining market, Mr. Grossman filed a petition with the probate court to force the sale of the property at auction and allow for equal distribution of all of the estate’s property. The judge subsequently ordered mediation prior to scheduling a trial date. By the time mediation took place, comps on the home indicated an $86,000 difference between my sister’s projected sales price and the actual value of the home.

    Mediation took place and we successfully came to an agreement. The mediation agreement included the estate being responsible for paying my attorney fees and costs, as well as my parents' home being sold at auction providing me with my equal share of the estate. A change in the trust’s majority rule provision was also agreed upon, resulting in all of us receiving equal control of the trust.

    As a retired police officer, I have spent a great deal of time working with attorneys throughout my career. I found Scott Grossman to be a cut above the rest.

  • Great help with a difficult probate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    I had a very difficult probate case. 2 of my brothers and sisters made threats and were hard to deal with. Scott kept them in check, dealt with a number of creditors, and helped me to understand the probate process. He made a difficult situation much better.