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Board of Registered Nursing vs. Kristin H.

Case Conclusion Date: 01.31.2012

Practice Area: Administrative law

Outcome: All Charges Dismissed - Complaint Withdrawn from Public Records

Description: On January 31, 2012, the Board of Registered Nursing Withdrew and Dismissed the Accusation previously filed against Kristin H. and now there is No Public Record and No Disciplinary Action. The underlying facts are: BRN charged nurse with incompetence and unprofessional conduct as a result of a 58 year old patient admitted to the Hospital with polycystic kidney and end stage liver disease, had an adverse reaction to the medication, his condition continued to deteriorate and later died. Kristin was the preceptor for another nurse who administered a medication written by a physician without verifying the medication order and dosage with the hospital pharmacy. The alleged incompetence was Kristin's failure to perform an intensive review of medications for this patient before any medications were given to him; her alleged failure to provide adequate supervision to the other nurse assigned as her orientee; and, her failure to review and note the correct dosage of the medication on the Medication Administrative Record for the patient. With testimony and evidence from multidisciplinary forensic experts and compelling legal and factual arguments made by my law firm, the Accusation was dismissed and case closed by the Board of Registered Nursing. This is represents an unprecedented winning result since the AG only files cases they know they can win, having served in the capacity as a Deputy Attorney General many years ago. By virtue of the large number of cases we handle statewide, I personally know the rigid standards by which the Office of Attorney General continues to this day to maintain. They have several levels of review and take their work very seriously. Nonetheless, we are zealous advocates and losing is not an option.

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