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Omar G Nassar

Omar Nassar’s Answers

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  • My husband filed taxes as single and got a refund; we married before the end of the year. i have not yet filed.

    he told me if i file married he will go to jail. what to do????

    Omar’s Answer

    Your husband can file an amended tax return to change his status as married filing separately or to add you on to the return to file as a married couple. Talk to a tax attorney for more help with your specific situation.

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  • Back taxes for debt settlement

    In 2008 my husband and I used a debt settlement company due to financial hardship. The forms we received from the credit card companies were included when we filed our tax returns. Yesterday we received a letter from the IRS stating we did not d...

    Omar’s Answer

    Unfortunately, you may be liable for the tax debt as you are responsible for what you provide on your tax returns to the IRS. However, as another attorney mentioned, you may be able to get your penalties and interest abated if the IRS finds that you had "reasonable cause" for the error. Basically, the IRS wants to see that you exercised ordinary business care and prudence in preparing your returns. If they find it reasonable that certain settlements were not included, then you may have those penalties and interest reduced. If that doesn't work then you may want to negotiate a payment plan or offer in compromise for the debt. You should talk to a tax attorney about your specific situation.

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