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Nicole Tee Irmer

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  • I was convicted and charged with battery about 6 years ago. Can the case be reopened? Can I still get my RN license?

    I was charged and convicted with a battery misdemeanor about 6 years ago, served a 1 year probation, and completed a battery program. I am currently applying to nursing school and applying for work at a hospital. What are my options to reducing th...

    Nicole’s Answer

    You should petition the criminal court pursuant to PC 1203.4 to expunge your conviction. You worked hard to successfully complete probation early and the expungement will complete your efforts. Although the conviction is expunged, you will be required to disclose it on your nursing application. The BRN will consider the expungement as mitigation evidence when evaluating your application. For more information with regards to additional mitigation evidence to submit with your application, review the BRN's website under rehabilitation criteria or contact a nurse licensing attorney. Even if your application is denied, you still have due process rights to appeal the BRN's decision that is when your "rehabilitation evidence" will be important. Good Luck!

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