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White v. County of Orange

Case Conclusion Date: 09.03.2010

Practice Area: Civil rights

Outcome: $259,400 verdict for plaintiff plus $83,000 punitive damages

Description: Toy and Steve White were getting ready for a weekend barbeque when a trespasser walked on to their property. Their Olde English sheepdog nipped the trespasser. All hell broke loose. The police were called, an ambulance came (for the minor nip), and animal control arrived demanding the Whites produce the dog. The animal control officer, backed up by four heavily armed Orange County Sheriff deputies, stormed the house, slamming Toy White's head onto the limestone flooring. They arrested her, put her in jail for eight hours and had her prosecuted. She was injured, with a black/purple bruise under her eyes, and multiple black/purple bruises across her body. After some months of litigation, all criminal charges were dropped. Three years later she won a verdict a gainst the abusive deputies in federal court in Santa Ana

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