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Loren Gene Freestone

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  • Great Job Loren!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Javier

    Loren was excellent - I could not have asked for a better lawyer!

    When Loren first got my case, he made sure that he got the background, both from my previous counsel as well as from the Fraternity of Eagles (the organization involved in this case). Once he got the background from them, he asked my side of the story. He listened very carefully to what I had to say. He not only listened to what I had to say, but he always paid attention to my mannerisms and my body language. If he had a question about a statement that I made, he would ask for clarification. He did not make me feel like a criminal, but a person who had been wrongfully accused.

    One of the things that I admired about Loren is how he dealt with the opposing party. He would never attack them although he was attacked by them. He was very professional in his demeanor and in his approach. I do not recall him being disrespectful at any time although there were times that the opposing party really "asked for it."

    Loren was always willing to accept my calls and would call me back whenever I was not able to reach him. He would answer all my questions in a manner I could understand. If I did not agree with something, I felt comfortable bringing it up to him and discussing it. Whenever he would advise me to do or not to do something, he would always explain his reason for advising me in such a way. He was always careful not to jeopardize my case.

    Whenever he ran across an issue with which he was not familiar, he would ask the advise of his colleagues at the law firm. He even brought one of them to sit in during a part of the hearing. This was for a "second pair of ears" to confirm his thoughts as to what was going on in the courtroom.

    I thank God for putting Loren in my way. I will always be grateful to him! I feel there is no amount of money that could pay for what Loren did for me. I would definitely recommend him and his firm to represent any one because they hire the best and they work as a team!

    Needless to say, we won the case!!

    Thank you Loren!