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Joshua Michael Bonnici

About Joshua Bonnici

About me

The Bonnici Law Group is run by Joshua Bonnici, a native san diego personal injury attorney and San Diego ERISA disability attorney. We focus our efforts exclusively on representing victims who have been personally injured (San Diego car accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents) and denied ERISA disability benefit appeals and law suits all over California. 

Having your life interrupted by insurance denials or unreasonable settlement offers can be an uphill challenge for you and your family. The attorneys at Bonnici Law Group understand these issues, and bring their legal knowledge and experience to help you get through the tough times. Every aspect of our representation takes a personal touch and effort: direct communication and dialog with Mr. Bonnici during the course of your representation, with calls returned within 24 hours for ease of mind.

Have a legal question or claim that needs to be addressed? Call or email an attorney at Bonnici Law Group for a FREE consultation. Have a tight schedule? Make an appointment to speak, or for a meeting at your home or office. 619-259-5199.

Don't be a victim twice. Get the personal service and legal expertise you deserve. 

Bonnici Law Group: Serving Southern California's Injured and Afflicted with personal service.


San Diego Personal Injury Attorney. San Diego bicycle accident attorney. San Diego Long Term Disability attorney. San Diego ERISA denials.

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