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Jonathan David Montag

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  • Can my brother use my father's priority date now?

    My grandmother petitioned my father on 1988 or 1987. The petition was approved / they were able to leave on July 2005 and my father was able to bring with him my youngest brother who was 20 yrs old but my other brother who was also a dependent in ...

    Jonathan’s Answer

    It is too early to tell. On November 9, 2012. the Attorney General asked the 9th Circuit to stay making the decision final (issuing the mandate) because he intends to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. On November 16, 2012, the Ninth Circuit stayed issuing the mandate. It thus seems likely the government will ask the Supreme Court to review the case. If the Supreme COurt accepts the case, which is likely, we will need to wait for a Supreme Court decision before we knwo what the law is.

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