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Jacob Jan Sapochnick

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  • E-2 Visa for Investing or Starting a Business in the United States

    Not many people realize that the E-2 Visa can be used to start a business in the United States. A "substantial investment" (which isn't quite as much as you might think) is the requirement. Pursue your dream, start a business using the E-2 Visa.

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  • Immigration Guide for Actors and Members of the Entertainment Industry

    O-1 Visa Definition of "Arts" for Immigration purposes For O-1 purposes, the definition of arts, and thus artists, is broad: any field of creative activity or endeavor such as, but not limited to, fine arts, visual arts, culinary arts, and performing arts. Aliens engaged in th...

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  • E2 Investor Visa - Documents to Demonstrate Lawful Source of Funds

    As Lawyers specializing in Investment visas we often get questions from clients about the amount of investment needed for an E2 visa and what money can be used to invest. The source of the funds is a key determination for any successful E2 case. The E2 visa is a special non-im...

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  • Top 7 visas used by Hotels and Restaurants to bring workers on board!

    Whether transferring employees between international properties or employing management trainees, immigration is an integral part of the hospitality industry. The top seven visa types utilized by the hospitality industry are the J-1, H-3,H2B, L-1,E2, TN and H-1B. The follow...

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  • How to Keep Your Green Card After You Get It

    If You Violate the Law The most common way that people lose their right to a green card is by committing a crime. Unlike what is commonly believed, it doesn’t have to be a major crime or a felony. Fo

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