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Georgia Lee Williams

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    I initially looked to Georgia because of a review on Avvo that said "NONE BETTER". As hard as it is to believe, it was absolutely true - I was impressed from the very first conversation, literally the first sentence out of Georgia's mouth and her following approach to handling my uphill battle child custody case.

    From the very beginning I sensed she was a superb litigator. Ever composed and demure, I felt as if I had a superhero / personal friend litigating for me. She absolutely refused to put up with nonsense. She was ever kind and compassionate about my lack of composure and common sense due to the crushing stress I was under. Even when I made her job more difficult she never had a harsh word for me. Her professionalism and ethics exceeded any expectation I could ever have for an attorney.

    After creating the most horrendous mess imaginable by avoiding litigation until all hope was lost, in a matter of months Georgia restored everything to perfect order. She won every battle (even ones she was skeptical were possible) and skillfully claimed everything due to me, even when we had to repeatedly go back to court as we dealt with an angry and difficult, slow-to-learn other party and an opposing attorney who wasn't afraid to play dirty.

    I don't have words to express the deep level of respect and admiration I have for this attorney. I have put off writing this review for far too long because I didn't know how to convey what it's like to go from having constant panic attacks over losing your children to having them restored to you and to actually be grateful for the protection offered through a court order instead of feeling constrained and limited by it. I no longer fear my ex taking everything from me because no matter how he bellows, Georgia logically and reasonably shoos him away like a fly.

    I am glad to be writing this review now, because I can comment on how I have watched Georgia continue to care about me and my case even after the battle was over and the money was spent. She did and continues to do everything in her power to assist me in any way she can - some people can't say that about their friends and family. As a result, I tell everyone I can about this attorney because all I ever hear are complaints that they are near-criminals. Mine is frankly closer to an angel.

    I am infinitely grateful for the justice and consideration I received through the deft hand of Georgia Williams. She is everything an officer of the law should be. I have never been so impressed - especially after I used to consider all attorneys dangerous and dishonest.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patrick

    Georgia has helped several of my friends, all of whom were impressed by her hard work and effectiveness. She gets great results for her clients while keeping costs in line. Communications are good too