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Donald Kyle Sheppard

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  • Immigration papers

    hi my husband company sponcer him his green card he get it a year ago how long will it take for me to get our green card when he file for us

    Donald’s Answer

    It would be best for your to speak to an immigration attorney about your situation. The answer depends on many factors that are not listed in your questions. The factors include: 1) Are you living in the US or abroad (if in the US, what status do you have); 2) Did you marry before your husband received the green card; 3) Did your husband adjust status in the US or consular process; 4) What country were you born in (and your husband); and 5) Has your husband filed any paperwork? The answers to these questions will help an immigration attorney in explaining how long the wait may be for you to obtain a green card. However, it would be impossilbe to answer your question based on the information provided.

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  • Can a HOA sue an individual for dues that were unpaid at the time the bank foreclosed on the property?

    Individual did not pay dues while going through foreclosure proceedings, now completed, and no longer owns the house. Can the HOA sue the person in Small Claims Court for the money owed while in possession of the property?

    Donald’s Answer

    Genrally, yes. The individual is still the repsonsible person until the bank actually forecloses and takes over ownership. Therefore, the HOA can go after the indivdual for past due fees. However, it may be very difficult to collect since the person normally does not have money if he/she is faced with foreclosure. Sometimes the HOA will choose to write off the fees.

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