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Domenic John Lombardo

Domenic Lombardo’s Legal Cases

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  • San Diego Criminal Defense

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    Criminal defense
    Recent Favorable Results
    Attorney Domenic J. Lombardo favorable results in many cases, most recently: 1. Cocaine (1/2 pound), marijuana, ecstasy, $9,000.00 cash Evidence suppressed, case dismissed. Unlawful search of client’s home. 2. DUI Evidence suppressed. Unlawful detention of defendant. Dismissal of case pending. 3. Three strikes matter (25-life) Strikes dismissed, probation granted. 4. 1/2 oz. cocaine, DUI (second) while on probation Probation, 30 days public work service. 5. Domestic Violence Matter(s) Charges not filed. Several cases not issued by prosecutor after defense investigation uncovers favorable information. 6. Rape Allegation(s) Charges not filed. In separate matters favorable defense investigation leads to charges not being filed. In one case, the defense was able to establish that the complaining witness had actually fabricated evidence in an unrelated matter. 7. Theft of over $100,000 Probation, work furlough. 8. Marijuana Trafficking 3 felony matters, probation, work furlough. 9. Parole Violation The parole commissioner conducted a hearing and agreed with Mr.Lombardo to simply continue the defendant on parole rather than return him to prison. 10.Felony bad check(s) Charges dismissed, remaining charge reduced to misdemeanor, no jail. 11. Felony Evasion Reduced to misdemeanor, no jail. 12. Theft Case(s) Civil Compromise obtained leading to dismissal of charges in separate cases. 13. Juvenile Probation violaton Reinstated on probation. 14. Juvenile Drug Possession Deferred entry of judgement, case dismissed. 15. Juvenile Explosive Device, burglary, theft Deferred entry of judgement, case dismissed. 16. DMV Commercial License Hearing Case dismissed, license reinstated. 17. Many, many matters involving successful motion to terminate probation early, reductions to misdemeanors, and expungement. The above-referenced matters litigated over the past 5 months are meant to be representative of the type of matters routinely handled by our office. Of course, we have handled many other matters over the past 5 months with great results. The list is by no means exclusive and is simply a compilation of those matters that come readily to mind. We obviously do not guarantee any result in any case, and this list is not meant to convey that impression, but to give you the assurance that we do approach our job with integrity and we are often rewarded for our efforts. Call us for a free consultation in any criminal defense matter. Our San Diego main office number is (619) 232-5122.