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Daniel Frederick Greene

About Daniel Greene

About me

Here is a little bit of information about me:


   A San Diego native, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. There I studied a wide range of subjects, including economics, engineering, history, philosophy, French and Theatre. Ultimately, I graduated with a double minor in both French and Theatre.


   After college, and four very cold winters, I returned to San Diego and began working for a test-prep and tutoring company that had recently been purchased by a Washington Post subsidiary. This company focused on Education, Academics and Test Preparation. I worked my way up to becoming the Director of Business and Marketing for the Southern California offices, traveling to various states for public speaking events in front of large audiences. In 2000, I left that position to pursue a law degree from California Western School of Law.


   As a law clerk and student intern, I worked for the Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, and for the Federal Defenders of San Diego. During this time, I earned high honors for my thesis on a critical issue involving the rights of citizens conferred by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution (a matter I was later able to argue before the Fourth District Court of Appeal).


   After graduating from California Western, where I received the Academic Achievement awards (AmJurs) for earning the highest grades in Advanced Criminal Litigation, Trial Practice, and the Internship Program award, as well as delivered the keynote, student graduation speech, I served as a certified graduate law clerk for the San Diego County Public Defender's Office. There I did everything I could to gain as much practical experience as possible, trying as many cases as the supervising attorneys and clients would allow.  This internship provided me with tremendous hands-on and practical experience that has helped me in my years of private practice.


   Prior to being selected to join the prestigious Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, A.P.L.C, I was an associate attorney at one of the largest criminal defense law firms in Southern California. This is where I first met Kerry Armstrong, who was the Senior Associate of that firm. Kerry and I ultimately opened the downtown branch office for that firm, where we worked together until he left to open this firm in 2007. Following Kerry’s departure, I was asked to manage the day-to-day operations of the downtown office. I did this until I left that firm to come worth with Kerry Armstrong. It was refreshing and an amazing opportunity to come here to a firm that focuses on providing our client’s with personalize (non-corporate) attention. We have a small firm environment that let’s our clients know that they come first. We deal with them one-on-one and directly. We are able to pick and choose our cases and we are able to fight for our clients with all our strength and energy. I am proud to say that I have been working here with Kerry Armstrong for 3 years.


   As a point of bragging (which I am told I am supposed to do on this site), I can honestly say that I have earned not-guilty verdicts, hung juries, and dismissals in every single courthouse in San Diego (including Traffic Court and “not-true” findings in Juvenile Court), as well as various courts in Los Angeles. I have also “won” prelims, motions to dismiss and suppression motions, which any practicing attorney will tell you is rare if not nearly impossible.


   Lastly, I am a member of the State Bar of California, licensed to practice in all state courts in California, as well as the Federal Bars for the Southern and Central Districts of California. I enjoy playing baseball (now mostly softball), movies and not-guilty verdicts!