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  • Hello, I intend to purchase my friends home in Michoacan, Mexico from him directly. Can you help? Robby Adams 310-740-1529

    I will need the appropriate agreement and other remaining procedures handled by an attorney licensed in Mexico. Is there an approximate cost for this that I may budget from? Can your firm handle this?

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    While the prior responses are generally true, here is my response to you:
    Yes. There are attorneys on that can help. Fortunately there is a small number of attorneys who are licensed to practice law both in the US and in Mexico. These are usually called dual-licensed attorneys. I am one of them. And yes, I can help you with your real estate transaction involving real estate in Mexico.

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  • If I am providing security for a client, as a security company, can I enter a country and forcefully retrieve my abducted client

    Also, can I forcefully retrieve stolen property from that country.

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    Note that this is NOT an international business law question as was categorized by avvo.
    This question should be asked to US criminal defense attorneys and criminal defense attorneys for the applicable foreign country.

    This question shall be answered as general information only.

    Abduction or kidnapping of a person is a crime in most, if not all countries around the world.
    If a person was abducted in a foreign country then a police report or criminal complaint should be filed with the foreign country's government so that it can investigate such crime and to free the person kidnapped.

    A private security company based in the US would likely break many laws by forcibly freeing its kidnapped client in a foreign country. Such security company's employees and contractors that participate in the "extraction" operation who commit crimes under the laws of the foreign country would likely be subject to criminal prosecution in the foreign country.

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  • How to sue a foreign company

    I run a business in mexico. A canadian company owes my company almost a years worth of invoices/services and will not pay up. How do i go about getting my company's money that is owed?

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    You may need a Canadian lawyer. Or a Mexican lawyer. It depends. The first step is to look at the contracts that you have with the client to determine what law applies and whether there is a mandatory forum selection clause (designating what courts will have to be used to resolve any disputes regarding interpretation or enforcement of the contract). You may want to first contact a lawyer located at the same place in Canada where the debtor is located. Such lawyer should be the first one you should contact. If a Canadian lawyer cannot help you because of a mandatory forum selection clause then you should contact an attorney in Mexico who is well versed in international litigation matters.

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  • Has any business or corporate attorney here on Avvo purchased stock certificate software that they would recommend?

    I am a business attorney and regularly use stock and membership certificates that I order online from companies such as Mark's Corpex. I would like to (forever) consider the typewriter dead technology and try something new, such as stock certifica...

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    There are several attorney service companies that give you the software for free if you use their services. CSC has a software program called customprint which I did not like and Blumberg has one called shareprinter which is ok. Otherwise you will have to setup a template using a word processing program or a desktop publishing program for this. At our office we buy blank template certificates and print the required information using shareprinter.
    Good luck!

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  • Seeing a very experienced business litigation lawyer for a breaching of contract large case

    I have raised money for one large non profit organization located in downtown , Los Angeles. My commissions is Hugh. The foundation is owned by a private person. Now she has breached of the contract and stole all my commissions and never wanted t...

    Antonio’s Answer

    Questions that you might want to ask yourself are:
    Is the non-profit actually an entity that is separate from its "owner"?
    Does the non-profit actually own the "buildings" and does it really have "millions in their accounts"?
    Are there any valid defenses that the "non-profit" may raise against a breach of contact claim?

    The first thing that an attorney would have to do is review your agreement. Then get a detailed account from you as to what happened. Only then would an attorney know whether you have a claim or not against the "non-profit".

    If interested in discussing your matter in more detail before we accept it we would need to know the identities of the parties involved in the dispute to prevent any conflict of interest. You can send me a brief e-mail with such information in order for us to contact you directly.

    Best regards,
    Antonio Maldonado
    Maldonado & Markham, LLP

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