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James Allan Hennenhoefer

James Hennenhoefer’s reviews

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  • Best of the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adib

    Pros: extraordinary experience, integrity, knowledge and professionalism that is without peer.
    Cons: none
    Verdict: the best in the field - period.

    I have worked with many attorneys and Jim is the best of the best. He brings a depth of knowledge, integrity and experience that is simply unmatched.

    Prior to engaging with Jim Hennenhoefer I interviewed multiple highly recommended, world class family law attorneys in San Diego and found Jim and his team to be at an entirely different level - he is that good.

    Jim has been an invaluable counsellor to me through what could best be described as an acrimonious and contentious divorce and custody battle. I am beyond happy with the outcome.

    In fact, Jim is one of the very few people whose advice and recommendation I follow implicitly. If avvo allowed it, I would give Jim Hennenhoefer 10 stars.

    With Jim on your side, you will be working with one of the finest legal minds in family law who can help secure the best possible outcome for you. He is also a wonderful person of incredible integrity. You will not be disappointed - highly recommended.

    Hired attorney
  • Family Law Practice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    I have worked with Jim, Kevin and Leslie for a few years now. There is not a group out there that understands the Family Law system better than their team. They are fierce advocates that always make sure that you understand where things are headed and the possible outcomes. What really set Jim and his team apart is that they showed genuine care for my personal situation and they demonstrated integrity at every juncture. The combination of knowledge, experience and professionalism is a rare commodity in today's market and with Jim at the helm this group continues to excel. I highly recommend that you consider this practice for your Family Law Matters, because the outcomes will have a tremendous impact on your future for years to come.

    Hired attorney
  • Without a doubt, the best of the best.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was referred to Jim Hennenhoefer by a friend as I was in a custody dispute and dissatisfied with my (former) attorney. Jim, Leslie Ryland and team took on my case and we couldn't have been more pleased with their professionalism, knowledge, experience, attentiveness to our needs and overall sensitivity to what was a very scary and difficult time. They are the best of the best in San Diego, and we were grateful and relieved every day to have such strong representation behind us, advocating for our case. I cannot recommend JAH enough. When the stakes are as high as they are in family law cases, you want a rock solid team on your side who know the laws, courts and cases inside and out. This is that team.

    Hired attorney
  • There's the best, and then there's the rest....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    I can't say enough positive things about this firm and specifically my attorney, though everyone in the firm is a winner. I had a rather complicated custody case; my attorney guided me though the process, kept me informed as to what I should and should not do, and introduced me to who is likely the best custody mediator coach in San Diego county, who was also of extreme help to me and my daughter. All told, though I have an extremely contentious ex who was committed to a strikingly negative agenda, I was able to change my custodial arrangement so that I could have my daughter half time. In my case, this was extremely important because my ex was planning to move away with our daughter, something I was not informed of when I had signed my MSA. Having my daughter half-time puts me in a great position to prevent that from happening. The attorneys at JAH also told me things that I did not necessarily want to hear - but this the mark of great lawyers. The attorneys at JAH upheld my rights to the fullest extent of the law and strategically positioned me legally to be successful in the future.

  • Hennenhoefer to the Rescue

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dean

    If you have a complex set of circumstances that require solid experience, Jim is your man. If you want an attorney who knows more about family law than many judges, Jim is your man.

    He elucidates facts eloquently and completely. It is almost worth it just to see him in action. If you think your case if going to end up in court, you want this guy on your side. Keep in mind, I said "almost" worth it. There are no winners in a divorce. If you want a fair deal Jim can help you. Regardless, I hope your spouse doesn't find him first.

    You get what you pay for so bring a fat check book and expect to feel some pain. Worth it? Better than the alternative. There is nothing easy about divorce so you may as well have the best on your side. They don't come any better.

  • Great Family Law office

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andy

    This office handled a very contentious divorce for me from 2000-2005. They also handled a support modification motion that just ended. An actual trial with live testimony occurred. Rolf Steeve handled the proceedings brilliantly. He kept me from shooting myself in the foot. He also destroyed the opposing lawyer without any vindictiveness or flashiness. He was like Gregory Peck in Mockingbird. Leslie also handled my ex-wife's testimony expertly. Marcel also negotiated a great deal with opposing attorney.

  • Outstanding attorney and Litigator

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    I hired James Hennenhoefer and his firm to represent me thru a very contentious divorce. They did an outstanding job of guiding me and represnting my interesst. Unfortunaltey the other side of the case was unreasoanble and we were not able to settle. Therefore my case went to trial. It was at this time I was very happy that I had Jim on my side. He is an outstanding litigator. He is very respected by the leagal community. I was extremly happy with the judgment. I would highly recomend his services.

  • Attorney $$$$$$$$

    1.0 star

    Posted by Karen

    Hire Jim or his associates and kiss your money good bye! Jim Hennenhehoefer met with for my first meeting. He was appalled to find out I had been trying to get a divorce for over 4 years with NO success. He told me what I had been going thru was ridiculous. He promised to represent me fairly and have my husband held accountable for years of personal abuse and financial hardship. My husband had mishandled "OUR" money and I had limited funds to get divorced. After7 months and being charged more than $50,000 by this firm...I was still in the same place as when I started with them. I was still not receiving support and was no closer to getting divorced. Once Rolf, Jim's associate, realized I was running out of money, they started excessively overcharging me to force me out. They were willing to take my last penny and leave me broke and still not divorced. Rolf, the attorney that was assigned to me wrote a settlement proposal to my husbands attorney WITHOUT my permission or approval. Only causing more miscommunication and added anxiety. Two days before my court date, the firm was now not returning my calls or responding to my MANY concerns and questions by email. On my court date, Rolf actually went to court without my permission, along with my Husbands attorney and got the court to accept a settlement order all without my knowledge or approval. The firm continued to charge me excessive fees and interest for services I never received. They left me high, dry and penniless. They represent people and operate without moral conscious. Even when I terminated their services, they liened my personal bank account for additional excessive charges. I went into the Hennenhoefer firm with limited resources and I left with nothing. When I hired a new attorney and started the process once again, my new attorney had me divorced within 3 months and I was charged a very fair price to complete my divorce fairly, ethically, expeditiously with minimal costs to me. Both Jim and Rolf are unethical, heartless, money hungry, lacking both character and integrity. I would NEVER recommend this firm to anyone. Oh, by the way I wrote this after I received an email from the Hennenhoefer firm requesting my review...Ironic!!

    James Allan Hennenhoefer’s response: “This client had been "trying to get a divorce for over 4 years" before retaining our firm. Once retained, the client would not follow the advice given to her by our attorneys. The firm decided it was in their best interest to sub-out of the case.”
  • Lawyers you can trust !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Don't waste your time going anywhere else!
    When my inequitable post-divorce arrangement crumbled as the ex melted down I found myself in need of serious help. My attorney at JAH Law came to the rescue. With their professional tact and expedient attention my situation has stabilized. Cannot say enough about this firm.