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Richard Leigh Boyer

Richard Boyer’s Legal Guides

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  • Disclosure Requirements in Selling Real Estate in California

    Make sure you disclose all facts a buyer may decide are important in determining how much to pay for a home, whether to buy the home at all, and whether to request repairs. As the agent, make sure you disclose everything you know or should know that can be discovered by a diligent visual inspection.

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  • The Top Ten Legal Actions in the Event of a Company Crisis

    Advise Legal Counsel Get your lawyer on board immediately. You need someone keeping an eye on the legal issues you currently face or may face in the future. All company actions and statements in resp

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  • How to Prepare for Your Deposition

    What Is A Deposition? Why are they Taken? A deposition is part of the discovery process in a lawsuit. It is the examination of a witness under oath, outside the courtroom, with the witness’s testimo

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