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Adam Jay Jaffe

Adam Jaffe’s Legal Guides

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  • Small Claims Landlord-Tenant Dispute over the Security Deposit

    The following statements are suggested to be told to a judge during a landlord-tenant small claims trial after the landlord has failed to return some or all of a security deposit. These are general terms that may need to be altered depending on the individual circumstances of each case.

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  • Are attorney's fees permissible in California Small Claims Court?

    Under certain exceptions, yes, they are. However, like any other court, the fees are at the discretion of the court. Under California law, parties are to bear their opwn legal fees, unless a statute permits otherwise. The most common statute is Cal. Civ. Code 1717. This statute ...

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  • Who Can Appeal A California Small Claims Judgment

    There are many opinions on who can appeal a California Small Claims judgment, and when. Here is the law!!!

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  • How to File a California Small Claims Appeal Case

    Who Can Appeal Only a defendant in a small claims action can appeal. If you are the plaintiff, you gave up this right (it was on form SC-100 that you filed with the court.) However, if you were sue

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  • How to File a California Small Claims Court Case

    Fill Out The Appropriate Form Form SC-100 is the form used throughout the State of California to sue someone in Small Claims Court. It is located at:

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