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Two-tour Iraq war veteran DUI case

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.2009

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Not Guilty 2 Felony Counts, Not Guilty Misd. Guilty Driving w/ BAC above legal limit

Description: Attorney Duquette represented a two-tour Iraq war veteran who was charged with DUI causing injuries to three people, but the client said he was not at fault in the collision (a crash which totaled both cars). However, very serious injuries exceeding $200,000 were involved and the client did test positive for alcohol in the blood. Attorney Duquette conducted focus groups of the facts to determine juror biases and the client elected to go to trial. After a three week trial, the jury returned Not Guilty verdicts on two Felony counts of impaired driving causing injuries, Not Guilty on the misdemeanor impaired driving count and a Guilty verdict on driving with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit count. Ryan obtained an honorable discharge from the Marine Corp. and was sentenced to volunteer work and attendance at an alcohol treatment program. There was no jail time. Vista Superior Court

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