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Richard Lawrence Duquette

Richard Duquette’s Legal Guides

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  • San Diego Criminal Record Expungement

    Do you have an old criminal matter, Petty theft, DUI, Domestic Violence, or Drug case that is still impacting your life? Do you wish that your record could be cleared up with a San Diego Expungement? It is possible that your old record (misdemeanors and yes, some felonies) ca...

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  • Know Your California DUI Rights

    Most DUI driving-under-the-influence arrests are made at night. The alleged offenders are detained because the police may have seen them driving in a manner that justifies a detention for questioning. The police must be able to point to specific facts that show that the behavio...

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  • Tips to Avoid DUI Conviction

    Here are some tips to help avoid a DUI conviction: Retain an experienced Oceanside DUI Lawyer to represent you. Only an experienced San Diego County DUI lawyer is able to spot your favorable issues and present them to the prosecutor, judge, jury or DMV hearing officer. Do not ta...

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  • Good Samaritans Are Protected

    You know the scene. Youre out on your bicycle and you come upon a downed rider, as a result of a bicycle crash, bicycle car accident, dangerous roads or hit and run. There are only a few people standing around, the rest are riding by without offering assistance. Why dont they sto...

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  • Evidence Wins Bicycle Injury Cases

    When a cyclist goes down, at the hands of a careless motorist, precise evidence collection will often winthe case. It goes without saying, that the health of the injured cyclist is a priority. Documenting the case isa close second. This will make it easier to settle for a fair va...

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  • 10 Tips for Cyclists: Don’t Get Doored

    Getting dooredor crashing into the carelessly opened door of a parked vehicle while on your bikeis no fun, but it is common. Although bicyclists try hard to avoid this dangerous occurrence, it is in fact one of the leading causes of bicyclist injuries. Here are 10 tips to both a...

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