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Brian A Victor

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San Diego Attorney Brian Victor of the Law Offices of Brian A. Victor is the only family law attorney in San Diego County with prior work experience at Family Court Services(FCS) where for more than eleven years he worked with the most challenging child custody and visitation matters and crafted more than 4,000 child custody recommendations for Family Court judges. In fact, he can still be seen in the Family Court Services Orientation video, which is shown before every mediation session and online.,1524469&_dad=portal  

He sets himself apart from other family law attorneys in his ability to prepare clients for their FCS custody and visitation session when there is a custody dispute based on his firsthand knowledge of the process.  Knowing how important the FCS session is for deciding custody and visitation issues, he offers FCS preparation as part of his family law representation or as a separate service.

Attorney Victor has litigated complex family law matters ranging from child custody issues to community property debts resulting from loans. 

As an attorney and a licensed marriage family therapist, Brian A. Victor understands the complexities of child abuse and domestic violence in family law matters.  Attorney Victor has the experience to help you minimize stress so that you can focus on what is important, such as your children, your future, and planning for life after divorce.



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