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Harley Aaron Feinstein

Harley Feinstein’s Legal Guides

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  • Guide to Lawsuits after Foreclosure

    Can the lender sue me for after foreclosure? Isn't it enough that the lender has taken my property? The lender may not be fully compensated simply by taking your property in the foreclosure. Let's

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  • Guide to foreclosures in California

    Determine the type of foreclosure There are 2 types of foreclosures: Judicial and non judicial. In a judicial foreclosure the lender files a lawsuit in court and asks the judge to order a foreclosu

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  • How does the Means Test work?

    Calculate your current income Take your income for the last six months and divide that amount by six. Compare your income to the median in your state. Your current income is compared to the median in

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  • How to Use Bankruptcy to Help Save Your Real Estate

    Try to Negotiate If you are having problems paying your mortgage you need to first try to negotiate with your lender. You can do it yourself. Or you can enlist the assistance of a non profit organiza

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